Karen Slupinski:

Karen is a nosy parker! She’s caring, curious and competent, and raring to know more.

Hannah Reynolds:

Hannah is a natural-born storyteller. She knows exactly how to connect a business with its audience.

Lynsey Macready:
Content Writer

Lynsey has an eagle eye, and she’s not afraid to use it! She loves writing, proofreading and editing copy.

Will Shek:

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way! Will is a visual communicator who’s determined to bring your strategy to life.

Nicky Carnie:

Nicky brightens up the room. She uses C-me colour profiling to maximise team cohesion.

Teresa Robertson:

Teresa knows how to take the lead with a proven ability in coaching, training, and developing individuals at all company levels.

Bridget McCann:
Presentation Skills Expert

Trained actor and presentation skills trainer Bridget takes her knack for confident communication to the centre stage of Collaborative Comms.

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