Case Study: Kindspace


Have you heard of Kindspace? It’s a free application on Amazon’s Alexa that helps people to improve their wellbeing. All you have to do is ask Alexa to “open Kindspace,” and you’re on your way to a happier, healthier you.

At CoCo, we’re passionate about aligning with businesses that resonate with our values. Kindspace, led by the thoughtful Caroline Laurenson, is one such gem. For a budding venture like Kindspace, a sprawling in-house marketing brigade wasn’t on the cards just yet. That’s where we stepped in. Hand in hand with Caroline, we’ve been:

  • Sharpening Kindspace’s core messaging and pinpointing their target audience.
  • Helping Kindspace make waves in the media landscape.
  • Providing steady communications guidance when needed.
  • Assisting in amplifying their marketing efforts, from podcasts to newsletters


Kindspace: Where Smart Meets Kind

Kindspace? It’s not just another name in the crowd—it’s kindness in pixels and code! From the get-go, when we first chatted with Caroline, we felt a spark. We saw a wellbeing app with a heart of gold, just waiting to sing its song to the world. And oh boy, did we get excited about turning up the volume on that melody!

Our mission? To ensure Kindspace’s message shines consistently, whether in a boardroom presentation or a social media post. Crafting a dynamic messaging toolkit was our answer. Partnering with external agencies like CoCo is like giving brands a fresh pair of eyes; we help visionaries like Caroline amplify their brand’s voice. Together, we’ve made sure that every piece of communication echoes the true spirit of Kindspace.

When Kindspace secured a grant for an STV advertisement, we were poised to support its success. Collaborating with our PR network, we mapped out a strategic PR campaign tailored to reach Kindspace’s target audience effectively.

Watch the STV Advertisement Here

In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is key. That’s where CoCo steps in. We’ve now teamed up with Kindspace for monthly check-ins, ensuring they always have a fresh perspective and tailored advice on hand.


With our messaging toolkit in hand, Kindspace is now fluent in its own brand language. Whether they’re tweeting, press releasing, or just shouting from the digital rooftops, consistency is the name of the game. And as Kindspace shoots for the stars, our toolkit is their compass, ensuring they never lose their way.

Caroline had this to say about our partnership:

“Collaborating with CoCo has been a genuine journey. They’ve gracefully captured the nuances of Kindspace, helping us find our voice. The thoughtfulness and expertise from the CoCo team have truly made a difference. I’m optimistic for the road ahead and the potential it holds for Kindspace.”

Fancy a dive into the world of Kindspace? Just ask Alexa to “Open Kindspace” and get in-tune with your wellbeing.



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