What is DISC?

DISC Psychometric Profiling is non-judgmental and helps individuals recognise and discuss their behavioural differences. DISC is widely used as a personal assessment and awareness tool to improve work productivity, communication and teamwork. The DISC Profile identifies the individual’s key strengths and development areas, as well as the goals and fears that typically motivate the individual...Continue reading

What is EQi 2.0?

EQ-i 2.0 is the world’s leading measure of emotional intelligence. The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) applies decades of research to support effective human performance and development, through understanding more about the role emotional intelligence takes in our personal and professional life. This Level B Psychometric assessment is based on the research of Dr. Reuven...Continue reading

What is PCS?

PCS is a performance improvement tool designed to help individuals and corporations monitor team climate and leadership to maximise performance. Unique in what it measures, how it works and how it adds value the Performance Climate System evaluates the critical elements of climate and leadership that are the true drivers of team performance. PCS Pro...Continue reading

What is Smithfield Performance?

Smithfield Performance specialise in quantifying employee opinion and behaviour to help businesses make better decisions in the selection, promotion, engagement, development and wellbeing of their people. The Smithfield team design and deliver products and services to help clients measure the performance and the talent of their people through a range of online performance questionnaire products.Continue reading

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