Hi I'm Lynsey

Hi, I’m Lynsey and I have an eagle eye

With eight years of communications experience and a creative writing master’s degree, I love nothing more than writing, proofreading and editing content. I have an eye for detail and can spot double spaces and unnecessary commas a mile off. I have supported Commsbank with freelance writing and editing since its inception and enjoy helping businesses...Continue reading

My name is Hannah, and I tell stories!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

My name is Hannah, and I tell stories! I don’t read from children’s books or recite fairy tales; instead, I use stories as a communications tool to connect your business with your audience. I have a BA (HONS) in Public Relations and have spent my time since graduating in communication-based roles. I’m now lucky enough...Continue reading

Nosey Testimonials

We are so proud of our nosey status at Commsbank, we even asked what our clients thought! Turns out, we are pretty nosey after all… “I’ve worked with Commsbank since its inception almost 5 years ago.  I consider Karen, Hannah and Will an important part of my team.  They are so nosey, always looking for...Continue reading

Hi, I’m Karen

I’m the chief communicator and founder of Commsbank. Values are important to me. Being caring, curious and competent, means that I sincerely want to know more. I love to ask the questions to find out more about your story, then share it with the people who matter in The Bank, and through self/team development in...Continue reading

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