Nosey Testimonials

We are so proud of our nosey status at Commsbank, we even asked what our clients thought! Turns out, we are pretty nosey after all…

“I’ve worked with Commsbank since its inception almost 5 years ago.  I consider Karen, Hannah and Will an important part of my team.  They are so nosey, always looking for ways to understand more about the services we offer and the value we bring to our clients. MMG has been accountants in Dundee for more than 100 years, and their fresh approach challenges our thinking and provides us with exciting creative ideas as our business continues to grow.”   – Paul Crichton, Managing Director, MMG, Dundee UK


“Commsbank generously supported us to promote our crowd funder campaign in 2020. The Haven’s Community Larder was established in rapid response to the Covid-19 health crisis, as an inclusive alternative to food banks. They asked the right questions to reaffirm or challenge our thinking on how we position this new approach to our community, so much so our target was smashed and we continue to work with Hannah and Karen on initiatives to sustain our much needed services. They are nosey parkers, but we value their curiosity as a way to cultivate real change.” – Julia Morton, The Haven, Stonehaven UK


“We were introduced to Commsbank by our sister company in the UK. From our first interactions we were keen to work with the team. They have an authenticity, passion and professionalism that is rare, and despite the miles that separate us we can feel their energy. They are always keen to find out more, so yes, that makes them nosey!” –  Chris Pinard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Abrado, Louisiana USA


“I met Karen by chance in a coffee shop in Dubai. She was on holiday, but she takes her curiosity everywhere! She was genuinely interested in my start-up business, asking questions that made me think about my direction and purpose. It wasn’t until the latte and cake were finished that we discussed Commsbank, and when she returned to the UK I was delighted to be her first international client! She is always there when I need her, and I have recommended her services to others in the UAE… I’m keen for her to come back on a business trip and more coffee and cake soon!” – Dawn Ketteringham, Founder, Comhar, Dubai, UAE


“Karen and Hannah make me chuckle, they are indeed very nosey! They interrogated our engineers to understand our innovative approaches to SWARF handling and packer management systems for the energy sector, make us think deeply about why our products matter to clients and even dressed us up as inflatable turkeys for a Christmas campaign that was a big hit on social media. They are a brilliant team and their energy and creative genius energises us.” – Malcolm McKenzie, CEO, ROMAR International, Aberdeen UK


“Karen and Hannah are like no other. Their sincere care for us and love for their work is evident in everything they produce. SuperControl supports the self-catering industry in the UK and this has been a very reactive sector throughout 2020/21. Their creativity and energy has not waned over this challenging time, and they have produced a variety of well thought through campaigns that are fun, informative and speak directly to our audiences. Yes, they are nosey, and I am so very pleased they are!” – Melinda Kennedy, Managing Partner, SuperControl, Dumfries & Galloway UK

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