Curiosity Skilled the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat is so 1598. The curiosity skilled the cat is hot off the press. The World Economic Forum predict, that by 2025, the top skills in demand will include creativity, originality and initiative; analytical thinking and innovation; active learning and learning strategies. All of which lean on an inquisitive mind.

What would happen if everyone on earth jumped at once? Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? How much of our brain do we use? Don’t click those links. Instead, notice how your mindset has changed. Adding a dose of what, why and how is what William James refers to as ‘the impulse towards better cognition.’ If you’re blessed with children, chances are you’ve been on a relentless car journey packed with “Are we there yet?!” Our insatiable demand for information is part of who we are and it’s multidimensional.

In a paper published in 2017, Todd Kashdan and his colleagues identified five dimensions of curiosity. Using this model, we explore why curiosity is one of our core company values.

  1. Joyous Exploration

This is the recognition and desire to seek out new knowledge and information. Every day, we work with new clients from diverse industries and through joyous exploration, our skillset is ever-expanding.

  1. Deprivation Sensitivity

This dimension has a distinct emotional tone that craves the know and disfavours the fear of missing out (FOMO). By understanding the technicalities of bespoke businesses, we solve the most challenging problems.

  1. Stress Tolerance

This is focused on the willingness to embrace doubt arising from new and obscure events. By going beyond our comfort zone, we’ve adapted to uncertainty and external pressures.

  1. Social Curiosity

As humans, we’re all a little nosey and it’s natural to want to know what other people are thinking and doing. By observing, talking, or listening to conversations, we’re always learning from our clients and peers.

  1. Thrill Seeking

You only live once, right?! This is the willingness to take physical, social, and financial risks. CoCo has expanded two-fold in the past few years. By taking a leap of faith, we’ve opened the door to new and exciting opportunities.

Acquiring clear company values helps to ensure that teams are working towards the same goals. Our core values of curious, competent, and compassionate shape the culture at CoCo. If you think your business would benefit from an injection of nosey parkers, don’t hesitate to say hello. We are ready and waiting to sniff out your stories, and one thing’s for sure, we won’t be minding our own business, but we’ll definitely be supporting yours.

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