Do I explore the cave, or continue my journey?

 Do I explore the cave, or continue my journey?

Explore the cave.

Continue to page 92.


This is how I spent my childhood. Adventure books that provided a choice to make on your journey, but always ending on the same page at the end of the book. My kids enjoy the modern version of this on Netflix; deciding if Bear Grylls will eat frog spawn or attempt spear fishing!


As an adult I am presented with choices in every day, at home and at work. Sometimes I don’t realise there is a choice, many of my choices are so routine that it hardly requires any thought. But sometime when faced with a dilemma I turn to page 92 and can only hope that I’ve made the right decision.


  • How do you make choices, and what do you base your decisions on?
  • Are you flipping through the pages, letting the story happen to you?
  • Are you on page 92 and don’t know what to do next?


This the where a supportive coach can help: someone to ask you questions, challenge your norm, add clarity and support you when faced with a difficult choice.


Netflix or old-fashioned adventure books, we all love a good story and I’m keen to hear about your journey.

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