How to be a competent copywriter

If you’ve worked with us, you probably know that we’re big fans of alliteration. You know that we’re competent, caring and curious. And you know that we’re rarin’ to go. However, we don’t wander in any direction, we lead the way in competency. Our team strives to be the best for the best. We don’t simply work for our clients; we work alongside industry experts to build effective messages.

Let’s say, ironically, the purpose of this copy is to explain: ‘How to be a competent copywriter’. Using Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ model we would ask questions informed on what, why and how:

What is the message?

Just like GPS, this is a tried and tested framework that directs you from A to B. It starts with the ‘what’ and navigates the pen (or keyboard!) towards the most efficient route. So, what exactly is the message? To be caring, you must be curious about the topic. To be curious, you must be competent by exploring: “Is there a way to say this more effectively?”

Why is competence important to Commsbank?

Competent, caring and curious is embedded in our ethos. In fact, these three words are essential to every piece of work we produce. We really do care and seek to understand why client messages matter. We bring this to life with the competency to define and refine the message, and the genuine curiosity to find out more about why that matters to the intended audience.

Nonetheless, ‘to find out more’ wouldn’t be complete without an understanding of the whole picture. Just like The Vault affirms, it’s necessary to ‘seek to understand before being understood’.

“Competency is defined as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. That’s exactly what we strive for at Commsbank. It’s imperative to the way that we work. When considering The Bank, our clients often view us as part of their extended team, and it’s essential we provide strategic outcomes that help meet their goals. Our curiosity helps us to seed our client’s stories, and it’s our commitment to offering a competent service that ensures we share that story with maximum impact.”

Hannah Reynolds, Communications Manager, Commsbank 

How to be a competent copywriter?

Research, research, research.  At Commsbank, we work with a diverse range clients. Whether that’s accountants, SWARF operators, self-caterers or third sectors, a competent copywriter asks the right questions at the right time. We’re not an expert on every topic. Rather, a team of non-assuming communicators who knows exactly how to promote your values to your audience.

We take advantage of the information age, not only by gathering intel from accurate and reliable sources but by extending vocabulary using the copywriter’s bible, AKA the Thesaurus and checking our content on Grammarly, not because we’re prone to making mistakes, but because there is no harm in double-checking.

By following our triple C ethos and Sinek’s model, we communicate messages effectively. Rumour has it – we’re a competent bunch of communicators! But don’t just take just take our word for it, here’s what our clients are saying.

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