If you care, don’t share!

I recently attended a training session with LinkedIn guru Stacy Edghill. Not only was this a great opportunity to meet other local businesses, it also provided practical LinkedIn tips and tricks!

I check into LinkedIn regularly, and signed up for the event to give me the reassurance that I was spending my time on the right things. Stacy reinforced my belief that my commitment to posting regular content was good, that I was treading the line of sharing personal info well and that my liking and commenting on other people’s posts were raising my visibility as I had hoped. Her advice helped me to polish my profile, search effectively and consider the way I share links and articles.

What surprised me was that sharing is not caring!

If you care about the number of people viewing your post – which after all is what LinkedIn is about – then sharing is not the way to go. I was aware that Google penalised for duplicate content, and I am committed to creating original content for my clients, but I didn’t realise that LinkedIn viewed sharing a post as duplicate content. I had thought that since the content was on its site that would be OK, but apparently not. Stacy has tested this algorithm by sharing a post, and creating an original post inspired by the initial post. The latter had significantly more visibility.

Shared first – 274 views, 4 likes, 2 comments

Created organic post later on – 16,191 views, 122 likes, 15 comments

So there you go… if you care, don’t share!

The session included other useful tips and tricks, but you’ll have to book onto one of Stacy’s courses for those 😉

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