Picture Perfect – Coordinating a Photoshoot.

I’m not a photographer, but I have coordinated many photoshoots for a variety of clients over the years. From corporate headshots, to aerial shots of machinery or candid photography at a company gathering, the power of good photography should not be under estimated. Not only will it show your business and brand in its best light, from a PR perspective, but a good accompanying image can also make the difference between a small column or a full page spread.

Here are a few things to consider when coordinating a photoshoot:


  • Researching what style you like (or don’t like) can be useful.
  • For inspiration take a look at the work of top stills photographers, as they know better than anyone what makes a powerful image.
  • Understanding the style of other brands in your industry can also help to capture an image that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Understand what the images will be used for: a brochure; to accompany a press release; for a web site; on a banner
  • Drafting a photo brief (a simple list of the type of shots you would like) will ensure you get what you need
  • If required, work with the photographer to identify suitable locations
  • Ensure you know who owns what. The copyright for your photography may belong with your photographer and you may only be offered a selection of images to use – manage expectation and clarify this before you start


  • Try to avoid clutter in the background - a highly distracting bright yellow flower, an irrelevant shop sign, a lamp shade growing out of someone's head
  • Ensure the brand is well represented. In a headshot that might be ensuring the person’s tie is straight, or in a workshop all employees in the shot wear the correct protective clothing


  • Be clear on deadlines. Editing your images may take your photographer a few days. Agree a date that allows time for editing and will not impact a print deadline or the issue of a press release
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