The Last Piece of the Puzzle: Bridget McCann

Presenting in front of an audience can be a daunting experience for the best of us. Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is the most common phobia in the world ahead of creepy crawlies, vertiginous heights, and even death. While some of us would sooner die than deliver a presentation at work, we have a queen that will break the deck of fears.

Cue the drum roll! May we now introduce to the stage… the incredible actor, coach, and newest member of the team: Bridget McCann. If you haven’t already heard, Bridget is a talented trainer who specialises in presentation skills. With over thirty years of experience as an actor, Bridget takes her knack for confident communication to the centre stage of CoCo. To celebrate our growth, we’ve sat down with Bridget who, we believe, is the last piece of the puzzle.

“I’m delighted to work with CoCo to screen the big picture of effective communication. During my time in the limelight, I have taken on various roles including Alice McMurdo in the award-winning series, Outlander and Patricia Armstrong in Taggart, a gritty detective show based in Glasgow.

“While making my mark in the world of theatre, radio, television, and film provided me with a breath of confidence, I knew that I wanted to help others communicate effectively – without the drama.

“Using techniques acquired from acting, I work alongside CoCo to delve into the importance of clear speech. I not only help clients rediscover their voices and extend their range, but demonstrate how to take in and retain information, as well as inspire and persuade audiences.

“From a board meeting of five colleagues to a keynote speech in front of three hundred entrepreneurs, I work with individuals to fine-tune their professional voice. There’s no doubt that pitch, pace, and pause are all important aspects of presentation skills but, I believe, personality is the driving force of any successful business.

“If you’ve surfed the web in the past year, chances are you’ve come across a ‘Meet the Team’ page. As humans, we have an innate desire to ‘Meet the Team’, connect to people and share memorable stories. You may not remember what day it is, but you’ll never forget the first book you read and loved. Storytellers have a way with words that draw us in. We engage, we connect, and we build a relationship with the story as it unfolds.

“As a presentation trainer, it’s my job to convert that story into a professional voice. I give people the platform to speak confidently so that they can form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change.”

Bridget McCann
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