Weird, Wild & Wonderful Team Events

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to teamwork. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to make a mess of your team event. Bonding activities can range from downright weird to inherently wonderful. Managers with a wild side (or Hunger Games fascination) can easily take their team-building exercise a bit too far… and we have proof! Here’s the weirdest, wildest and most wonderful team events to grace the workplace.


Effective team exercises should be memorable, but this is a little too weird – even for us! Hadaka no Tsukiai (裸の付き合い), or naked communication, was cultivated in Japan as a bonding ritual. The Japanese bath is an integral part of Japanese life. The ritual, itself, stands for honest, clear communication. Communicating naked is about eradicating the unnecessary to expose what is most important. During this exercise, colleagues build trust and promote equality by presenting naked… AWKWARD!

A much less awkward team presentation, that still shows barefaced cheek, is Shark Tank. Shark Tank is an entrepreneurial exercise that promotes creativity, communication and strategic planning. Think The Apprentice. Colleagues will have the chance to pitch ideas; some will be hilarious, while others could spark your company’s next big innovation.


Just like Uno, the wild card is highly anticipated and exciting. When it comes to team events, outdoor activities are a firm favourite; they’re a breath of fresh air (literally). Paintballing, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting are some of the most popular wild events, but are they the most effective?

Rather than build relationships, these activities promote rivalry and exclusion. They put pressure on people to do things that they physically can’t do. If you want to blow off some steam and venture out of the office for a day of fun and socialising, try opting for a light-hearted scavenger hunt instead. By rediscovering iconic landmarks and solving riddles together, your team will increase collaboration and stimulate problem-solving skills.


C-me colour profiling is inherently wonderful. It’s a powerful profiling tool used in team workshops to focus on behaviour and understand our preferred way of doing things. C-me gives valuable insight that can help build a more resilient business and a more sustainable team. Using simple visual aids, features like the team wheel helps colleagues to understand others’ preferences and maximise team cohesion. Workshops in C-me colour profiling is an effective team event, but also a great way to read the room and find an inclusive activity together.

Team building is the most important investment you can make for your business. After all, investing in your people is investing in your company’s future. To give you a head start, we’ve created The Vault to coach all things wonderful.

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