We’re merging with Cognition Coaching!

This month, we’re celebrating (a lot!). Not only are we turning six, but we’re merging with Cognition Coaching. In other words, a psychometric colour profiling and leadership specialist with over seven years of experience in the learning and development industry.

Sounds impressive, right?! In fact, we have been an associate of Cognition Coaching for many years. So far, we’ve worked with leadership teams from diverse industries across the charity, energy, professional services, and care sectors.

As part of our growth strategy for our coaching services, we will deliver team building and one-to-one workshops in C-Me colour profiling and leadership development. The existing contracts at Cognition Coaching will be delivered by CoCo with the continued support of Nicky Carnie and third-party facilitator, Teresa Robertson.

With the combined background in communication and HR, we will be able to provide a breadth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the coaching industry. Together, customers will have the benefit of accessibility, reputable diagnostic tools, and the trusted methodology of our combined entities.

Say hello to learn more.

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